The Very Best Advice


New mothers are often bombarded with advice from everywhere.  Your mother, your sisters, your neighbor, everyone on the internet, your doctor, and even people you don’t know will give you advice on parenting.  Sometimes they can be conflicting and just leaves you confused.

I am going to give you the very best advice that you will ever get.  Keep this close to your heart and in your head whenever anyone dishes out advice to you.  This will help you to know if this new advice is helpful or not.  Here it is: you are the mamma, you know your family better than anyone, and you know what is best for you and your family.

Everyone is so well meaning with their advice and they normally want the best for you or they are telling you what works for them.  So the next time someone advises you on how to parent step back and think is this right for me and my family?  If it is no, then let the advice go, if it is yes great, and if it is maybe, ask more questions.

What is some good advice that you have received?

-Emily Garrison

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