Why I love La Leche League


La Leche League is a group of breastfeeding mothers that support other breastfeeding mothers.  La Leche League is an international group with many local chapters all over the US.  They support breastfeeding mothers by phone, online, local facebook groups, and local meetings.  They provide women with encouragement, support, education, and a better understanding of what is normal.  La Leche League does their work by having mothers help mothers.  Most La Leche League leaders are not trained professionally but are experienced breastfeeders and do go through an accreditation program and stay up to date by attending trainings and reading current articles on breastfeeding to continue and expand their knowledge.

Since before my child was born, I started attending a local La Leche League meeting.  These meetings have been a big part of helping me with my breastfeeding relationship.  The mothers that I have met through La Leche League have helped to form me in to the mother I am today.  They are a part of my support network.  I often turn to my local La Leche League group when I have questions or concerns about Timothy.  And they don’t have to be strictly about breastfeeding.

I love how La Leche League is so welcoming.  All the regulars at the meetings know how hard breastfeeding can be and are there to help other mothers out.  It is great to hear stories of women’s struggles and successes.  Others come to gain support that they may not have at home or to strengthen the support they have.  Some women come to our meetings regularly and others only a few times.  Seeing other moms nursing their babies and going through the same things that I am going through helps to normalize breastfeeding.  It is one thing to hear breastfeeding is normal but it is a whole other thing to hear a room full of mothers say they have gone through what you are going through now.

If you feel like you are in need of more support please consider checking out a local La Leche League meeting.  Pregnant and nursing mothers are welcome along with nurslings and siblings as well.  These meetings are free and you do not need to become a member to attend.  If you are interested in attending a local meeting or finding out more information about La Leche League you can find it here http://www.llli.org/.

La Leche League meetings are only one part of my support network for helping me to breastfeed.  As with anything in life the more support you get the easier it is to do.  What makes up your support network?

-Emily Garrison

photo credit: New moms participating in a group discussion with WIC counselor via photopin (license)

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